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Be You. Be Authentic. Be Yourself.

By |21 Dec 2018|Categories: Love, Videos|

You are a unique individual created to do something special, something very unique in this universe that only you can deliver. There is a great quote by Albert Einstein that says, "Everyone is a genius but if you judge a fish [...]

Burning Bridges: A Strategy for New Year Resolution Goals

By |6 Dec 2017|Categories: Attitude, Goals, Imagination, Perseverance, Success|Tags: |

I generally don’t do New Year resolutions because I believe every day is an opportunity to achieve new goals. Why wait until January 1st to start them? But I understand why a major milestone date [...]

Boarding School in Africa: Survival of the Fittest

By |7 May 2015|Categories: Attitude, Perseverance|Tags: , , , |

Who knows what this is? It is my only property that survived my six years in boarding school (FGC Ogbomosho, Nigeria) and I have taken great care of it till this day. One look at [...]

The One Behind The Mask – A Journey of Self-Realization

By |29 Mar 2014|Categories: Consciousness and Ego|Tags: , , , , , , |

I am formless, intelligent consciousness. I am nothing but a creative idea, a thought. A Single piece of Information. I am All There Is. Nothing else to compare with, nothing to measure against. I AM. [...]

Wealth Consciousness for Our Children in the 21st Century

By |5 Feb 2013|Categories: Business and Service, Consciousness and Ego|

This is a great wealth article written by Akindele Akinyemi. Enjoy! Every day in my classroom I speak power to my students. I teach them the value of hard work but I also teach them [...]