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Ego: The False Center

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The first thing to be understood is what ego is. A child is born. A child is born without any knowledge, any consciousness of his own self. And when a child is born the first thing he becomes aware of is not himself; the first thing he becomes aware of is the other. It is natural, [...]

The One Behind The Mask – A Journey of Self-Realization

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I am formless, intelligent consciousness. I am nothing but a creative idea, a thought. A Single piece of Information. I am All There Is. Nothing else to compare with, nothing to measure against. I AM. I just AM. Alone and desperate to escape My loneliness, I created new thoughts and ideas within Me. One of which [...]

Wealth Consciousness for Our Children in the 21st Century

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This is a great wealth article written by Akindele Akinyemi. Enjoy! Every day in my classroom I speak power to my students. I teach them the value of hard work but I also teach them about the power of wealth consciousness. I instill in them how wealth consciousness is the driving engine in becoming a wealth [...]

It’s Not About The Money

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I received this powerful email message from Bob Proctor this morning.  I totally agree with its ideologies and this message needs to be shared with all those seeking a better understanding of money. Enjoy! One of the key concepts to creating wealth is to understand that money is not the goal. That's right, I said, money [...]

Power – Beware of this Fatal Lover

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This note was sent to me by my good friend, Doubra Porbeni.  It serves as a warning to all those that seek power and the consequences of its corruption from over-dependence on it. Enjoy! Power is very transient and not a stable lover. She is with you today and gone tomorrow. Love her blindly at the risk [...]

Difference Between Dreams and Reality

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Here is an interesting note from Bob Proctor. I thought to share this with you. Enjoy! Here is an interesting concept that I have used ever since I can remember and that I have shared in my seminars for years. If you're interested in setting a sizeable goal, I know it will help you too! I [...]

Seeing Wealth and Abundance – A Prosperity Consciousness

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This morning as I gazed out of the large window of a conference room before a meeting with a major client that happens to be the number one manufacturer of automobiles in the world, I could not help but realize one thing: there is wealth and abundance constantly around us.  But most of us are not [...]