You Are The Captain of Your Destiny

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You are the captain of your destiny ship. Relax and steer your life towards your destination. Your job is simply to focus on the destination from a calm and confident mindset. It is not your job to propel the ship or keep it afloat - the laws of nature already does a fantastic job of that [...]

Burning Bridges: A Strategy for New Year Resolution Goals

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I generally don’t do New Year resolutions because I believe every day is an opportunity to achieve new goals. Why wait until January 1st to start them? But I understand why a major milestone date is needed. They could be huge goals that require a fresh mental start and a symbolic start date in order to [...]

Difference Between Dreams and Reality

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Here is an interesting note from Bob Proctor. I thought to share this with you. Enjoy! Here is an interesting concept that I have used ever since I can remember and that I have shared in my seminars for years. If you're interested in setting a sizeable goal, I know it will help you too! I [...]

The Mind Is Key To Imagination

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I received this mind-engaging note from Bob Proctor and I thought to share it with you. I hope it engages you as well...enjoy! Have you ever wondered how children can sit through replays of their favorite Lion King or Little Mermaid video? It amazes me that they'll watch the same show every day without a single [...]